Why is there such a big difference in price between power supplies?

A Related question can be asked about automobiles. Both questions have the same answer: there are many factors at play and a simple answer is probably not possible. Many of the factors are: Marketer name and reputation Design of the power supplies Number and type of competitive units Certifications (such as safety, EMI, etc.) Dependability [...]

How to measure power supply efficiency ?

If efficiency is significant to you, you will need to evaluate it carefully. For a regular DC power supply operated from the AC line, you will need to measure the input AC power and the DC power being output by the supply as in the following plot:

What is Switching power supplies

Switching power supplies, switched mode power supply, SMPS, is basically an electronic power unit that has a switching regulator. Why we need a switching regulator? The switch mode power supply quickly switches a power transistor between on and off. What is the advantage of this? The main advantage of SMPS is that the switching transistor [...]

Brazil UC Mark approval

(1). Introduction • According to the requirements from Inmetro (Brazilian Accreditation Body), products which need to comply with the Brazilian mandatory certification requirements have to carry the mark of conformity. • For voluntary and mandatory product certification, TÜV Rheinland works together with UCIEE (União Certificadora), a Brazilian OCP (Product Certification Body) which issues the UC [...]

Linear VS Switching Power Supplies

Historically, the linear regulator was the basic technique of producing a regulated output voltage. It controls by cutting a higher input voltage down to a lower output voltage via linearly controlling the conductivity of a series pass power device in response to changes in its load. This results in a large voltage being placed across [...]

What kinds of power point adapter you need?

If you’re moving away form your domestic or area of the world and then chances are that yes, you need. Power socket have various kinds of shapes in different regions of the world and you may require an adaptor to connect the shape of your power plugs to the shape of the electric outlet in [...]