Conditions for design high frequency transformer

It is greatly appreciated customer give us those conditions before you need High frequency transformers samples:

(1)Circuit topology
Flyback type, forward type, push-pull, half-bridge, etc

(2)Input voltage range
The lower limit of rectified voltage is important, in particular.

(3) Operating frequency
It is especially necessary to determine the lower limit frequency for the maximum load condition in Flyback converter.

(4) Maximum duty ratio
It is necessary to specify maximum ON time when input voltage is lower limit, approximately 45% should be the maximum for external excitation system.

(5)Maximum temperature rise
This is the allowable temperature rise in the transformer, should be equal to the value that ambient temperature has been taken from the temperature index of the materials which is 120°C(105°C in UL system).

(6)Required safety regulations
Structures and materials are chosen to comply with required safety regulations.

(7)Output voltage/current
Required for determination of the winding ratios and wire gage.

(8)Instructions concerning circuit designs and pin configuration of transformer Type of the secondary rectifier diode is important in particular because of voltage drop between First recovery and Schottky bar- rier type is different, it will affect to design of number of turns of transformer.

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