Laptop and Notebook Computer Power Adapters

Power Adapter is an electronic device that produces a direct current from the mains with an Alternating Current (AC). Though a power supply it is popularly known as an AC Power Adapter or AC Adapter. Laptops along with most other portable devices use Direct Current, this also applies to rechargeable batteries which power laptops. Direct Current has a constant flow of electric charge in one direction and flows from low to high potential. Connecting a laptop to AC is unsuitable and dangerous due to the varying magnitude and direction of the current, which can cause an internal component to fail and even result in fire.

The AC Adapter carries through the following steps to produce the correct current and voltage to power your laptop or charge your laptop battery:

* Changes the mains voltage to a lower voltage level

* Converts the AC voltage to a DC voltage by a process called rectification

* Smooths out any voltage ripple

* Converts the voltage to the required voltage to power the laptop

The other well-known name for an AC Power Adapter is battery charger or laptop battery charger. This is an important device providing you with laptop mobility and frees you of restriction from using the power cord.

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