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ErP Directive for External Power Supplies

What is the ErP requirement?

In April, 2009 the European Commission adopted the implementing measure for external power supply products. The regulation comes into force on April 27th, 2009 and the cut-off date for the first stage’s requirement is 27th April 2010.

The Eco-design Directive for Energy-related Products establishes a framework under which manufacturers and importers of Energy-related products (ErP) will, at the design stage, be obliged to increase energy efficiency and reduce products’ negative environmental impacts. The ErP Directive itself does not include any requirements for specific products. It is the implementing measures (IMs) that provide the prescription for compliance for each product category.
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Maxim release dc-dc battery charger

The MAX8900_ is a high-frequency, switching-mode battery charger for an one-cell lithium ion (Li+) or lithium polymer (Li-Poly) battery. It bring up to 1.2A of current to the battery from 3.4V to 6.3V (MAX8900A) or 3.4V to 8.7V (MAX8900B). The 3.25MHz switch-mode battery charger is ideally fit to slim portable devices such as headsets and ultra-portable media players as it has minimum component and heat.
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Comarco calls back laptop power adapters

Comarco Inc. has called back one-half a million laptop power adapters caused by a potential burn down hazard for consumers.

The America Consumer merchandise Safety committee and the Lake Forest, Calif.-based company released an associated news on Friday calling back 507,000 units of the Targus Universal Power Adapters for laptops.
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kinds of options for AC-DC switcher

V-infinity has supplied a fresh line of 30 watt Energy Star switching power supply that are unparalleled as they can be changed from a wall mount adapter to a desktop simply by slipping off the steel and connecting the AC power cord. The EMT serial is also for sale with interchangeable blades that match UK, US, Europe, and Australia specs. The EMT serial is exceedingly flexible getting in ideal for any application.
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80 Port USB Charger show in Japan market

Today’s news learned from Japan media, A 80 port USB charger has been appeared in Japanese market. The USB charger model is USCH80PC, There are 80 USB interface on a bare pcb board, you can charge your gadgets by these devices. Reading Detail Introduce»

Sony make CycleEnergy USB power adapter

Sony has a CycleEnergy USB power adapter that the measures in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East from next month. The map minimalist white design that could be implemented on a real Apple products. This portable USB Power Adapter comes with software that allows direct identification poll with almost all USB compatible devices such as mobile phones, Walkman, iPod / iPhone players and portable game consoles, including PSP.
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WiFi charger appeared in the CES2010

Smartphone fans are always suspected the capacity of their mobile phone battery life, So backup battery were always carried when they go outside. There are some vendors have introduced the use of solar energy technologies such as portable power supply. Recently, A new type of charger called the Airnergy Charger appeared in the CES2010, The magic is the WiFi signal can be used to recharge the battery.
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Samsonite show solar charging briefcase in CES 2010

Samsonite Corporation exhibited a unique design of the “solar” briefcase in the CES 2010 exhibition. This solar charging briefcase is big enough to carry a a 15.6-inch notebook. The most important is that the briefcase has charging capabilities, The charging function is not only designed for notebooks, but also for mobile phones. Solar panel was placed on the surface of the briefcase , You just need to put panel under the sun for 4.5 hours to get a BlackBerry Curve cell phone fully charged
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iPad incurred woman

When Apple announced that their Tablet PC named iPad (pad means sanitary pad), the people’s mind flew out the scene of pharmacy counters gynecology. It now appears that there are shares of a minority.

In Twitter, the one entitled “iTampon” (tampon means a sanitary napkin) quickly broadcast, reading: “menorrhagia? IPad help you !.” A host of CNBCT News said that the name of iPad made her think of women’s cosmetics.

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China released common criteria of mobile phone charger

Master of CTTL Ho Guili said: “The universal standard of mobile phone charger YD / T 1591-2009 has been promulgated and implemented, and has become an international standard; In addition, mobile phone headset Common Criteria have also been promulgated and implemented, And maybe become an international standard in the future, uniform standard can be achieved mobile phone headset, MP3 headset unity ”

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